Buy Jedi Kush Online


Buy Jedi Kush Online

Buy jedi kush online,  Look – The buds I’ve seen have ranged from super hard nuggets, to fluffier, but never too airy. All buds have had a nice consistency to them. Usually light green with large orange hairs and covered in small trichomes that give it a sometimes golden hue.

Smell – Jedi Kush has a very strong fuel, citrus smell. The Sour D is prevalent for sure, but balances out with the lemon citrus nicely.

Taste – If you love East Coast Sour Diesel, with a sweet, lemony earthy Kush taste, you will love this strain. I love Kush with a well rounded flavor that lasts in your mouth for a while after smoking, and this strain fits the bill.



Buy Jedi Kush Online

The Jedi Kush cannabis strain is a picture-perfect indica that’s one of the most potent in the galaxy. If you deal with stress, chronic pain, or insomnia, this is the ideal strain to wipe them off the map. You won’t find a heavier strain than this, and it’s probably due to her lineage stemming from Death Star and SFV OG Kush. Additionally, she has an unbeatable aroma and flavor of diesel mixed with skunky and herbaceous overtones. You’ll never lose when you have Jedi Kush on your side.

Indica-Dominant Hybrid – Sativa: 30% / Indica: 70%

Buy Jedi Kush Online

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